Jun 1, 2013


It seems like the first day of school was yesterday but here we are just a few days away from the last. I am reminded of the excitement I felt way back in August of 2012 thinking about the hope, anticipation, excitement and change that a new school year brings. I remember saying how committed we are as a PTA to making this the best year in Mt. Washington Elementary history…I think we accomplished that goal and it’s only because of you!

On behalf of the PTA, I would like to thank you for becoming a member of the MWPTA, volunteering your time in the classrooms, on fieldtrips, in the Wolves’ Den, Safety Valet, Garden Committee, Green Team and more. Also thank you for your dollars they help to fill the gap in our LAUSD budget. And most importantly thank you to your commitment to making this the best place for our children to learn.

The PTA would also like to take a moment to thank our teachers and staff. Your commitment to our children is second to none and we are so fortunate that you are ours.

Lastly, congratulations to all of our 6th Graders and to their proud parents on all of your accomplishments here at Mt. Washington Elementary School. While your time here at Mt. Washington may be ending we will never forget you and wish you all the best as you take the next step in your educational journey. Please come back and visit us often and tell us about all of the exciting things you will be doing in middle school.

Have a great summer!!! See you on Tuesday, August 13th.

Kwame Dow, MWPTA President


Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday, June 3rd: 8:11am – 2:30pm (REGULAR SCHEDULE)

Tuesday, June 4th through Friday, June 7th: 8:11am – 12:50pm (MINIMUM DAY SCHEDULE)

(Afterschool and STAR Program: 12:50pm – 6:00pm Tuesday, June 4th through Friday, June 7th)


Be sure to check out the lost and found items to see if anything you can’t find has been turned into the lost and found. Lunchboxes, sweatshirts and much more can found. All unclaimed items will be donated.


Last week was the last week of classes for Spanish, Science and Circus class. Thank you to everyone who participated in the programs during the year. A special thank you to Nicole Thomas (VP of Programs) for arranging for such wonderful classes for our children to participate in.


Teachers will be returning your child’s Comfort Care Kit for you to keep over the summer. Be sure to update any information that may have changed and check expiration dates on food and drink. Please send the kits back to school with your child within their first week back. We were lucky this year that they didn’t have to be used, but you never know when a disaster may strike, so please be sure to update and return for the next school year.